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Hopefully a resouce and a record of an all too qick trip to Cambodia in 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Siem Reap (Day 2)

This will be Angkor day, I feel.

I have started with Maurice Glaize's popular and definitive 1944 guide to the Angkor Monuments
The Angkor Guide.

I’ve only a day really so its going to be sunrise to sunset and try and fit in the Grand Circuit.


The Grand Circuit, with a visit to Pre Rup, Neak Pean, Prah Khan (traverse from east to west), the terrace of the Leper King.
Distance - 37 kilometres.


The Bayon, the Small Circuit, a traverse of Ta Prohm from the west to the east, the terrace of Srah Srang, Angkor Wat. Distance - 30 kilometres.

How to do it (Courtesy of Tales of Asia)

Most people either hire a taxi or use a motodriver (motodop). Taxis cost about $20 a day, motodops cost from $6-8 a day. A lot of motodops are now pulling these two-seat cars with a shade cover that are sort of like tuk-tuks in Thailand and this is becoming a very popular option. You'll pay about $10 a day for one of these. If you go to Banteay Srei you're looking at $15. For Kbal Spean it's $20-25, and for Beng Mealea you'll pay $30-35. Double these prices if using a taxi. If by any chance you're halfway to your destination and the price suddenly increases, call his bluff and get off the bike or out of the car. Either the price will go back to where it should have been or you can flag down another motodop as one comes by every minute or two, leaving the bastard stuck with nothing. But this is not a common scam so don't worry too much about it. Most importantly, never pay your driver in advance.


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